Food Poduction Laboratories

In our endeavour to impart hands-on skills and experience as part and parcel of their coursework more effectively and efficaciously to our students the food production Lab is equipped with state of the art large, mechanical and food processing equipments and support infrastructure like utensils etc. It’s an invaluable resource for the students, the vocational level . . This enhances a unique learning experience as our students can apply directly the theory acquired in the lecture halls in actual work environment.

During the practical sessions, emphasis is placed on “learning by doing” with special attention given to the practical side of commercial food preparation.

Students gain knowledge of culinary vocabulary, ingredients, equipment use and the principles & techniques of food preparation, skills and knowledge to develop a strong foundation in culinary arts. Students are exposed to cooking and service techniques for poultry, seafood cookery and fabrication, meat, rice, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, soups, stocks, sauces, gravies, snacks, salads, colds cuts and other appetizers, breakfast items, baked goods such as pies, tarts, breads, cake making and decoration and so much more. We focus on foods and cooking styles of many nations as well as menu production reflecting on nations that have impacted international cuisines. We strive to instill marketable skills to our students by demonstrating food preparation skills and teamwork to manage an environment conducive to modern quality food production and service operations.

This ensures that Students of our programmes have not only the fundamental skills but also the moral authority to deliver on the job. The Practical Kitchen rooms are divided into Basic and Advanced kitchen training provided with the latest kitchen equipments made of stainless steel and other accessories to meet the day to day requirements of the Institute.


Computers are installed both for office and student use. They are all interconnected in LAN and connected to internet with 2Mbps speeds. Wi-fi facility also available.

Hostel facilities

• Well-furnished Convenient rooms
• Separate Hostels are provided to boys & girls
• Good Drinking water is supplied in the hostels for drinking purposes (RO – Purified)
• Uninterrupted supply of water and electricity
• Assistant Wardens are available for consultation and guidance


• The well stocked and spacious library hall and an inventory of books
• General and Computers Books available at Campus
• Rich collections of Latest Magazines and Journals for students
• Management Books available at Campus
• collection of books of over 500 titles, 50 national / international journals
• To make the best out of it for the teachers, students and scholars the timings have been kept convenient
• open throughout the year except on National Holidays and functions on all working days.


Scholarships are provided to the eligible candidates.